Pets Allowed

Our own pets are part of our family; we understand bringing your furry friends along to enjoy your vacation. All of our units are pet-friendly, but there are some restrictions related to the beaches (scroll down for more info).

General Policies:
1) All guests must receive approval for pets in a rental property. Failure to declare a pet will result in the eviction of the guest and the immediate charging of a $200 pet penalty fee.
2) We charge pet fees, not pet deposits. Our standard pet fee is $60 per animal, with a maximum of three (3) animals, though management reserves the right to consider special applications on a case by case basis.
3) In general, we do not allow cats. Cat hair and cat dander is much more likely to trigger asthma or allergies in guests. We will consider cats, however, based on the payment of a $250 special cleaning fee. This would be in ADDITION to the normal cleaning fee.
4) All guests are required to clean up after their own animals.
5) All guests must keep their pets leashed when outside the units, out in public and on the beaches.
6) The damage waiver covers up to $1,500 damage. Pet damage – for whatever reason – that exceeds that will be immediately charged to the guest’s credit card. Pets who exhibit signs of significant destructive tendencies will have their guests evicted and will be unable to return to any of our properties.


Mexico Beach (Bay County) is not pet-friendly. At the present time, there is a large backyard behind our Mexico Beach units that will accommodate walking a pet for the purposes of waste elimination.

St. Joe Beach (Gulf County) is pet-friendly. All animals are required to be leashed at all times. The beach does provide waste stations that are typically stocked with bags, but we encourage all guests to carry their own pet waste container.